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Supporting people with migraine disease in Aotearoa New Zealand

Migraine Foundation Aotearoa New Zealand is the only registered migraine charity in New Zealand supporting people living with migraine

Migraine disease is a debilitating neurological condition. An estimated 642,000 people live with migraine in New Zealand. It’s more prevalent than diabetes, epilepsy and stroke combined, however migraine is misunderstood, under-diagnosed, under-treated and under-researched.

People with migraine living in Aotearoa have limited access to migraine support, specialised care and treatment and migraine-specific medications.

Migraine Foundation Aotearoa New Zealand provides a collective voice for people in New Zealand living with this invisible and disabling condition.

Upcoming meetups – Levin

We've recently had meetups in Auckland, Christchurch, Levin, Hamilton, Dunedin and Wellington. Keep up to date for when the next one is by subscribing to our newsletter.

We'd love for you to join us and chat with other people with migraine over a cup of tea or coffee. Drinks are on us.


When: Sunday 26 November 2023, 12.30pm - end of year BBQ (provided)
Where: Private residence, Levin (email for details)

If you'd like to attend any of our meetups, please RSVP:

If you'd like to help organise a meetup in your area, please email:  

Migraine in Aotearoa New Zealand Survey 2022

In 2022, we undertook the first online survey of people with migraine in Aotearoa New Zealand. We received 579 responses. Following removal of incomplete responses and those unlikely to have migraine, we had 530 responses for analysis.

The aim of the survey was to collect data on chronic migraine, medication overuse, types of medications used, non-medication treatments used, impact of migraine on work, access to and experience of health services, stigma and more.

Analysed by our researcher and epidemiologist, our key insight reports summarise the findings and offer much-needed research and insight into the lived experience of people with migraine in Aotearoa New Zealand

Help get Emgality funded in New Zealand

People with migraine in Aotearoa New Zealand deserve funded access to preventive medications that are safe and effective.

Help support our application to Pharmac for Emgality funding and raise awareness of the impact migraine has for individuals, whānau and society.

Your voice can make all the difference. 

Our vision

To minimise the health, economic and social burden of migraine disease in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our mission

To raise awareness of the impact of migraine disease and support people living with migraine in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Neurological Advisory Committee meeting presentation

That was the comment from Dr Brian Anderson, Chair of Pharmac’s Neurological Advisory Committee, when speaking about the collection of stories we gave to Pharmac and the Committee about people’sRead more

Highlights from International Headache Congress 2023

The International Headache Society (IHS) is the leading international headache charity, which exists to promote awareness and knowledge about headache worldwide, through science, education andRead more

WINZ contributes to Emgality costs

There aren’t many people in New Zealand who are on a benefit because of migraine, despite migraine being a common and disabling disease, that can seriously impair people’s ability to work. But ifRead more

What the Women’s Health Strategy means for people with migraine in Aotearoa

In July 2023, the Ministry of Health launched six new health strategies, the Pae Ora | Healthy Futures Strategies, as mandated by new legislation (the Pae Ora Act) that underpinned the restructuring Read more

Lack of medicine access contributing to health workforce shortage

Despite the hedging of various Ministers of Health, it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that our healthcare workforce is in crisis. People are waiting weeks to see a GP. Between 2019 and 2022, 28%Read more

What I learnt from a headache specialist

The New Zealand Pain Society is an organisation that promotes education and training in all areas of pain management and research. It regularly organises webinars for members, and on 10 August 2023Read more

Twenty three survey key insight reports published

In August 2022, Migraine Foundation Aotearoa New Zealand undertook the first online survey of people with migraine in NZ (the Migraine in Aotearoa New Zealand survey). We did this because there wasRead more

Medsafe recommends atogepant be added to medication schedule

Medsafe has recommended the gepant medication atogepant (Qulipta) be added to the New Zealand Medicines Schedule. Atogepant is used to prevent migraine and is taken daily as an oral tablet. AtogepanRead more

New migraine questions in the next New Zealand Health Survey

A year ago in June 2022, Migraine Foundation Aotearoa New Zealand applied to the Ministry of Health to add questions about migraine to the New Zealand Health Survey, a national survey of over 13,000Read more

Cluster headache and migraine

Migraine is not the only debilitating headache-related condition. One of its close cousins is cluster headache. Cluster headache has some things in common with migraine, including some overlap inRead more

New reports again highlight poor access to modern medicines in New Zealand

Photo credit: Front cover, New Zealand's Medicines Landscape 2022/23, Medicines NZRead more

Why the Minister of Health’s recent comments sting

On May 7 2023, The New Zealand Minister of Health, Dr Ayesha Verrall, was interviewed by Jake Tame for TVNZ’s Q + A to discuss the government’s plan to protect the health system over winter and tRead more

Migraine Foundation Aotearoa New Zealand is led by volunteers passionate about improving the migraine landscape in Aotearoa

Living with migraine disease can be challenging. Those of us with migraine know that it’s more than just a headache. Migraine is a whole body disease that affects everyone differently.

It can feel isolating, yet in New Zealand there are hundreds of thousands of people living with migraine.

Members of the Migraine Foundation Aotearoa New Zealand community share their stories about living with migraine and how there’s hope, even when some days it can feel like a struggle.

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