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Dr Rosamund Hill

Migraine Foundation Aotearoa New Zealand Clinical Advisory Group member

Dr Hill is a neurologist graduated from the University of Auckland. She commenced neurology training at Auckland City Hospital and then undertook two consecutive fellowships at Massachusetts General Hospital affiliated with Harvard Medical School in Boston. On her return to Auckland she undertook an MD, a post-graduate research degree, under Professor Sir Richard Faull. She has subsequently worked at Auckland City Hospital, in private neurology practice, in concussion clinic and is the independent concussion expert for NZ Rugby.

In addition to general neurology and concussion/brain injury, Dr Hill has specialty interests in migraine and headache, epilepsy and neurodevelopmental disorders, with a particular interest in autism as she has a son with autism and intellectual impairment. As a founding and active member of Minds for Minds, an autism and neurodevelopmental research network, she brings non-for-profit experience in addition to her neurological expertise.